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Price Per Day: $199 - $225
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2 seater


All New Teryx 750 4X4 side by side with Snow Trax! The Teryx has a 749cc four stroke V-twin motor, giving it the horsepower to have some fun.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that when winter hits we put this baby in storage.  No way!  With snow, things just get a lot more exciting.  Introducing Trax from Camoplast.  Toyitup is the only rental company that outfits UTV's with custom Camolast Snow Trax!  Now, you have the same comfort and convenient Teryx ride in any kind of weather.  The Teryx has a 1200 pound towing capacity and can hold up to 500 lbs of cargo.  This is a mean machine that can handle snow at just about any depth!  The push button 4x4 still operates the same.  In the winter season, these machines do not stay in the shop very much, so book today!


Discount Rental Pricing
1 Day $225.00
2 Days $225.00
3-5 Days $215.00 Save $10.00/day
6+ Days $199.00 Save $26.00/day
30+ Days Contact us
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